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Who is Mil Colores

Mil Colores means 1000 colours

Our Mission

Mil Colores is a foundation for and by women who, in all their diversity, want to meet and engage with each other on the basis of mutual respect and equality. Mil Colores wants to embody and represent an inclusive society. It offers a meeting place and a platform, in particular for LBT women from a diverse range of ethnic groups.

Our Vision

Mil Colores aims to contribute to an inclusive society, to equality, visibility, tolerance and societal acceptance for all women, and specifically LBT women from diverse ethnic origins. She is trying to accomplish these aspirations by:

  • Collaboration with organizations that share the mission and vision of Mil Colores;
  • She wants to underscore the wealth and value of differences within society by showing and propagating the diversity of her own target group.
  • She seeks to strife towards mutual integration, a process that should be based on mutual understanding and learning rather than one-sided adaptations of minorities to majorities;
  • Organization of activities in which women feel at home, safe and included;
  • Endorsement of (self) empowerment and connections between women in all their diversity despite and thanks to their differences


Every year Mil Colores organises activities and parties for women.



July 21 Pink – Roze – Kwakoe

Kwakoe is a big yearly festival for the Surinamese community and all who want to embrace its history and culture.
On this day, special attention is given to the LGBT-community.
Mil Colores will provide a conversation about ‘embrace your identity’
Time: 14.30 – 17.00uur
Adress: Nelson Mandela Park, Amsterdam
You have to buy a ticket for the entrance of Kwakoe (€5, — online or € 6,– at the gate)
Everybody welcome

Juli 29 Summerparty

Big party for women in Amsterdam. Mirror Centre.

Tickets: 10 euro

Septembre 2 Woman Walk
With historica Dineke Stam
We walk along interesting places in the historie of women.
Starts at 13.00 at Leiden CS
Ticket € 2,50
4 november Multicultural Women party
14.30 – 21.00
Zeeheldentheater Den Haag
Price: 17,50
Presale 15,–
DD Workshop Homofobia and Racism
With Gloria Wekker
Start at14.00 uur
Entrance € 5,-

You can make a reservation for the workshop and the party at this link

After making the reservation you will receive an e-mail with the instructions for payment.
After the payment your reservation will be definite.

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